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How Can Rheology/Viscosity Testing Help You??

Quality Control Design Engineering Material Characterization

Dynalene has 3 techniques to determine the viscosity of your products! We can obtain more complex information with our TA Instruments AR-G2 Rheometer, including Yield Stress, Shear Thinning/Thickening, Thixotropy, etc. We also have the classic Brookfield Viscometer and Cannon-Fenske Viscometers for kinematic viscosity.


Multiple Techniques Quick Turnaround Flexible Services Reasonable Rates. Determining the viscosity of your material can be important for something as simple as the thickness of your shampoo. This knowledge will allow you to have assurance that your product is consistent from lot to lot and conforms to customers expectations.

For complex engineering systems, understanding the viscosity of a product is vital for much more involved reasons, as in determining what type of pumps are needed, the piping system required and how the material may change at different temperatures and shear rates.

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