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Glycol Refractometer – Do’s and Don’ts

A quick and accurate way to measure the glycol concentration in a HVAC or mechanical system is through a hand-held refractometer. Here are a few do’s and don’ts for the proper use of this instrument.

  • Be sure the instrument is clean and dry before use
  • Use enough fluid to cover the entire measuring prism
  • Point the instrument at a light source when taking the reading
  • Read from the appropriate side of the scale (ethylene or propylene glycol
  • Clean the instrument after each use
  • Do not touch the measurement prism or bottom of the sample cover
  • Do not get fluid on the eyepiece of the instrument
  • Do not open the sample cover when taking a reading
  • Do not test a sample that is too hot or too cold (between 70° and 85°F is best)
  • Do not drop the instrument or subject it to hard knocks

For more information on Dynalene glycols please click Propylene Glycol / Ethylene Glycol / BioGlycol.


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