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About Dynalene

We develop, manufacture and distribute industrial heat transfer fluids and coolants. Our offerings also include laboratory testing and contamination removal services.

Dynalene’s history goes back to 1993 when a research grant from the Ben Franklin Technology Partnership (BFTP) of Pennsylvania State was available to Lehigh University and Loikits Technologies, Inc. to develop ultra-low temperature heat transfer fluids that work very efficiently below -80°C (-112°F). This research work resulted in several patents and the products were commercialized in 1996. Initially, the Dynalene branded products (Dynalene MV and Dynalene HF) were sold by Loikits Technologies, Inc. In 1997, a new company named Advanced Fluid Technologies (AFT) was formed to continue the development and commercialization of heat transfer fluids. By 1998, AFT had more than 8 Dynalene branded products covering a very wide temperature range from -112°C (-170°F) to 350°C (662°F). 

As the popularity of Dynalene heat transfer fluids grew in a variety of industrial applications, AFT developed several innovative fluids and chemistries to cover many different applications. The Dynalene brand name was well established with over 40 fluids that included several custom fluids made for customers depending on their applications. In 2005, the company changed its name from Advanced Fluid Technologies Inc. to Dynalene Inc. The company was ranked by Inc. magazine to be among the fastest growing companies in the US for two years in a row. Currently, the company has three manufacturing facilities (Whitehall PA, Chicago IL and Salt Lake City UT) along with a strong R&D facility with five labs and a number of research staff. Dynalene opened its third business unit, Fluid Testing and Cleaning Equipment, which offers comprehensive filtration, contamination removal and desiccation solution that are compatible with a range of heat transfer fluids.

Dynalene has also received in excess of $4 million in research grants over the years to develop heat transfer fluids and coolants. These include grants from the US Department of Energy to develop coolants for fuel cells and from the US Department of Defense to develop coolants utilizing hybrid nanoparticles. 

Due to the research and instrumentation capabilities developed in the last decade, Dynalene created Dynalene Laboratory Services business unit. Laboratory Services division helps customers determine several critical properties of their materials or solve technical problems they are encountering.


Dynalene develops, manufactures and distributes industrial heat transfer fluids and coolants such as glycols, which include propylene glycol, ethylene glycol, BioGlycol, solar glycol, Geoglycol as well as other fluids including potassium formate, calcium chloride, hydrocarbon and silicone chemistries. Learn more


Dynalene Laboratory Services offers a wide range of analytical testing designed to meet our client’s needs. Our laboratory capabilities encompass three main categories: Thermal/Physical, Chemical and Materials and Corrosion testing.


Dynalene offers comprehensive fitration, ion exchange and desiccation solution that is compatible with all of our fluids. Our product line includes standard and custom design equipment that can be tailored to your needs

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