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In the world of natural gas processing, maintaining efficient dehydration systems is vital for operational success and equipment longevity. However, the intrusion of salt-rich water into these systems can cause corrosion, hot spots, and reduced efficiency. Enter Dynalene’s ion exchange processes—a simple yet powerful solution that can make a big difference – all without the cost of down-time.


Storing natural gas underground is common, but withdrawing it can introduce moisture containing salts and minerals into dehydration towers. Over time, these contaminants build up, causing issues like corrosion and reduced efficiency. Dynalene’s ion exchange processes provide a simple solution to remove these contaminants and restore system performance.

Cost Analysis and Value

By avoiding costly shut-downs and reducing equipment service costs, Dynalene’s ion exchange processes offer significant cost savings compared to alternative solutions. Their ability to restore TEG quality and system efficiency makes them a valuable asset in natural gas processing.

Results and Discussion

Over 46 hours, chloride levels in TEG dropped from 2486.3 ppm to 75.6 ppm—a substantial improvement. This successful removal not only restored system efficiency but also demonstrated the operational and economic benefits of Dynalene’s ion exchange-based contamination removal.


Implementing Dynalene’s ion exchange processes at Gill Ranch Storage showcases their effectiveness in improving natural gas dehydration systems. With their cost-effectiveness and ability to restore system efficiency, Dynalene’s ion exchange processes offer a reliable solution for addressing contamination issues in natural gas processing.


Dynalene’s ion exchange processes provide a simple yet extremely effective way to improve the performance of natural gas dehydration systems, offering cost savings and operational benefits in the process.

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