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When Glycol mixtures just won’t work

I’m sure as an engineer you have been asked to size heat exchangers, pumps, chillers and other system components for customers who want to use a Propylene Glycol/Water mixture because it is environmentally safe and user friendly. Unfortunately, you realize the temperature requirement for the Propylene Glycol /Water mixture is too low for the fluid and you have a huge loss of efficiency. Often in this circumstance you are left with using either an oil based fluid or “the dreaded” Ethylene Glycol/Water mixture. For applications like this there is another solution, Dynalene HC. Dynalene HC is a Potassium Formate/Water solution that is environmentally safe and user friendly, with a low end temperature use of -58°F (-50°C) and is easily pumped at those temperatures. So the next time you need a highly efficient fluid for your low temperature application, choose Dynalene HC or Dynalene HC- FG (food safe NSF HT-1 formulation). Did you know Dynalene offers Lunch & Learn presentations? The presentation was developed to educate process design engineers about heat transfer fluids, their differences and the “do’s and don’ts” of designing a system for use with various fluid chemistries. Take advantage of these free lunches by contacting David Arcury today at or at (610)262.9686 ext 113.


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