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Dynalene introduces HC-FG with NSF-HT1 rating

It’s the middle of Q2 2015 and Dynalene fluids are being specified in more and more applications and projects than at any other time in the company’s history (which goes back to the early 90’s). One of the leading products in the Dynalene fluid lineup is the Dynalene HC series of fluids. The Dynalene HC chemistry is not only tried and true but now is available in a “food safe’ formula. We are proud to present Dynalene HC-FG. This formulation has an NSF HT-1 rating for incidental food contact and maintains the identical heat transfer efficiency as the original formula. With two formulations of Dynalene HC (the original and the FG) to choose from, process engineers and designers of HTF systems around the world now have a “go to” fluid for food and non-food plant applications. To learn more about the Dynalene HC-FG click here or for information on our other fluids visit our website or contact us today at 1.877.244.5525. Did you know Dynalene offers Lunch & Learn presentations? The presentation was developed to educate process design engineers about heat transfer fluids, their differences and the “do’s and don’ts” of designing a system for use with various fluid chemistries. Take advantage of these free lunches by contacting David Arcury today at or at (610)262.9686 ext 113.


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