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Dynalene filtration products

Heat transfer fluids such as glycols, brines, thermal oils and silicones are important components of many heating and cooling processes. Maintaining the health of these fluids is very important for increasing the service life of the system. Particulates in the fluid can cause severe system problems as discussed below. Filters are recommended to be used in the heat transfer fluid loops to mitigate these issues.

  • Clogging of the heat exchangers
  • Erosion of the piping and other components
  • Seizing of pumps
  • Increase of viscosity, therefore requires higher pumping power
  • Localized corrosion due to debri deposit
  • Foaming

Dynalene offers a comprehensive filtration solution that is compatible with most of the heat transfer fluids. Our product line includes standard and custom design equipment that can be tailored to your needs. Additionally, we also offer basic testing devices that can be used for fluid property measurements in order to monitor the health of the fluids. Contact us today at 610.262.9686 or email at and let us help you determine the best filtration product for your application.

For more information on Fluid cleaning and testing equipment that Dynalene offers, please click here.


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