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Dynalene's Role in Providing PFAS/PFOS-Free Heat Transfer Fluid

As concerns surrounding Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS/PFOS) continue to grow, finding viable alternatives becomes increasingly crucial. Dynalene fluids offer a compelling solution for heat transfer applications, providing high performance, environmental safety, and customized solutions across diverse industries.

By choosing Dynalene fluids, companies can embrace sustainable practices while maintaining efficient heat transfer systems. As a responsible industry leader, Dynalene is at the forefront of developing innovative heat transfer solutions that meet both performance and environmental requirements, paving the way for a safer and more sustainable future.

While PFAS/PFOS fluids are currently used by the electronics and semiconductor industries due to their non-conducting properties, low viscosity, and non-flammability, Dynalene recognizes the need to provide PFAS/PFOS-free alternatives. Through in-depth, long-term studies conducted by Dynalene’s Research and Development team, efforts are underway to formulate a PFAS/PFOS-free alternative.

Additionally, Dynalene experts are working closely with customers to provide them with safe and existing alternatives. One potential candidate that can replace PFAS/PFOS is Dynalene LO-230. LO-230 is a dielectric heat transfer fluid that remains stable over a wide temperature range and demonstrates low viscosity and a high flash point (>120°C).

For applications where flammability is a concern, Dynalene also offers the Dynalene LC line of coolants, which have low electrical conductivity. Dynalene LC is a non-flammable, aqueous coolant based on either propylene or ethylene glycol. It provides a wide operating temperature range, excellent viscosity, and good pumpability.

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