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Ground Freezing Project 2012

Dynalene Inc., a leading provider of high performance heat transfer fluids and laboratory services, is proud to report yet another successful application. Recently, a world class mining company began construction of their latest potash mine in Saskatchewan. They incorporated the help of experts in ground freezing to provide the most effective method of ground freezing while at the same time protecting the lush environment of Saskatchewan. Dynalene was immediately contacted for a recommendation on a secondary fluid that could do the job. The answer was quite simple, Dynalene HC was the best fluid for the application considering it is non-toxic, non-flammable, and non-hazardous along with the fact that this same fluid had been used in another large ground freezing project a year earlier. The fluid was installed into two 1600 foot shafts. The first is a service shaft and the second a production shaft. Each shaft has 36 freeze holes of the same depth encircling them. The fluid is chilled to an extremely low temperature and is circulated in the freeze holes to protect each shaft from filling up with water during the excavation and operation of the shafts. For Dynalene, this meant creating a procedure that would allow easy, cost effective installation without sacrificing the quality of the fluid. Through excellent communication and onsite supervision, the Dynalene team worked hand in hand with the mining company to accomplish this monumental challenge.


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