ISO 9001 Certified

Glycol Customer Care QC Program

Increase your revenue stream potentially by thousands of dollars each year by working with Dynalene Lab Services.

Provide excellent customer service and quality control to your clients while we do the work!

Partner with Dynalene to provide your customers with routine monitoring of their heat transfer system.

What can Dynalene Glycol QC tell you?
• Identify your glycol and determine the concentration
• Operating range (freezing point to boiling point)
• Are your inhibitors still intact and working?
• Early indication of corrosion
• Bacterial growth
• Are corrosion products (metal) present

We offer a wide array of Heat Transfer Fluid QC packages depending on your needs. From pH to corrosion testing, and everything in between, we can diagnose problems and recommend solutions to maintain a properly running system.

Share the profit with Dynalene!

Contact Becky or George for more information at 1-877-244-5525 or Becky Klimas
Lab Services Manager George Giannaras
Lab Services Specialist


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