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Dynalene launches New desiccation system product line

Desiccation SystemDynalene launchesFluidry® product line that consists of moisture removal (or desiccation) systems which helps in maintaining low moisture content in hydrocarbons, silicone oils and transformer oil (insulation oil). Maintaining low moisture content in low- and high-temperature heat transfer fluids is crucial to attaining or maintaining designed system efficiency. Moisture, which can enter into a fluid system due to improper seals, improper handling, system leaks, or malfunctioning driers, can cause system failures.

Fluidry® includes, SX, TX, HX and M series desiccation products which are available for a wide range of fluid flow rates. The systems are effectively designed for use in bench top or low flow rate applications to higher flow rate industrial applications. Some of our products can also be used in drying lubricants, paints, refrigerant drying, CO2 drying in LPG, air, inert gas, natural gas and other atmospheric gases.

Dynalene is in the final phases of commercializing a moisture measurement system. This system can be used to measure the moisture content in the hydrocarbon-based fluid cooling loop. This measurement system can also be integrated with the Fluidry® desiccation system which can help customers in monitoring the moisture level in their fluid loop at all times.


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