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Do you know what’s in your product?

Do you know what’s in your product?

Let us tell you with our GC-FID/MS!

Dynalene helps its customers identify chemical components and product contaminants using our Agilent GC-FID/MS. Let us know if you need:

  • Contamination detection
  • Product quality control
  • Chemical identification and quantification
  • Product deformulation

Dynalene can perform tests on a variety of different products:

  • Liquid chemicals
  • Liquids containing trace amounts of other components (down to 1 ppm)
  • Volatile liquids and solids
  • Solids containing volatile components using vapor-phase analysis

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Everything doesn’t always last. Even sitting untouched on a shelf chemicals and materials can slowly breakdown until the product is no longer recognizable. It is important for products to be kept in appropriate storage conditions to prevent product degradation. Dynalene can identify contaminants that arise from breakdown using GC-FID/GC-MS to ensure the quality of your product.

Case Study: Dioxolane Contamination in Propylene Glycol

Take glycol for example. If kept indoors and away from sunlight, glycol will not experience any decomposition for decades. However if stored outside where it’s exposed to the sun’s UV radiation, it will slowly breakdown into volatile components that can cause foul odors. Dynalene investigated this situation by keeping glycol samples outside for one year and checking the breakdown product using GC-FID/MS.

The glycol developed a foul alcohol odor after just a few months, and Dynalene’s research team identified the breakdown product as 1,3-dioxolane. Dioxolane is a flammable solvent with an odor similar to acetone, so it is important to make sure this is not present in glycol systems. Figure above: Dioxolane was discovered to be the odor-causing breakdown product in propylene glycol after outside exposure to sunlight for one year.

Dynalene can monitor the quality of your products using GC-FID/MS to check for contamination or breakdown. We can identify unknown chemicals and deformulate products found in the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, consumer, health, and food and beverage industries.


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