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Ethylene Glycol Dynalene EG-XT

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Dynalene EG-XT (-60°F to 350°F)

Dynalene EG-XT is designed with temperatures up to 350°F in mind. Normal inhibited glycol degrades more rapidly when used above 250°F and produce acids that can be detrimental to the system. Dynalene EG-XT uses additives that neutralize these acids keeping the fluid more stable and increasing the lifetime of the system while maintaining a high level of performance. As with other Dynalene glycol products, Dynalene EG-XT is offered as a full concentrate or we can blend it with DI water to any concentration required.


  • Process Heating up to 350°F
  • Solar Thermal
  • High Temperature Boiler
  • Molding/Casting
  • Inline Heaters
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