ISO 9001 Certified

Polyethylene Glycol

Uninhibited polyethylene glycol heat transfer fluid (68°F to 446°F)


Dynalene PEG products are comprised of uninhibited polyethylene glycol fluids. Dynalene offers four different polyethylene glycols of different molecular weights: PEG-200, PEG-300, PEG-400, and PEG-600. Each Dynalene PEG product offers different advantages depending on your application, and custom blends can be readily made based to meet your system’s requirements. Our line of polyethylene glycols have high flash points and excellent thermal stability in high temperature open environments, and provide better open bath system performance than traditional ethylene or propylene glycols.

Properly used and maintained, Dynalene polyethylene glycols provide excellent high temperature performance with minimal change in thermophysical properties when exposed to high temperatures for extended periods of time. We only use high quality virgin glycol in our glycol products, never recycled. All raw materials are tested and approved by our quality control department prior to use.Contact us today at 610.262.9686 or email at with any questions or for pricing.

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Melting Range

Flash point


Polyethyleneglycol, MWrange=190–210

<0°C (<32°F)

185°C (365°F)

Dynalene PEG-300

Polyethyleneglycol, MWrange=285-315

<-8°C (<18°F)

218°C (424°F)

Dynalene PEG-400

Polyethyleneglycol, MWrange=380-420


227°C (441°F)

Dynalene PEG-600

Polyethyleneglycol, MWrange=570-630

<20°C (<68°F)

238°C (460°F)

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