ISO 9001 Certified

Flushing Fluid Series

Cleaning fluids designed to remove debris, machine grease, lubricant and corrosive residue.

DynaFlush is a water-based flushing fluid formulation designed to remove debris, machine grease, lubricant, corrosive residue, and other foreign matter from your system prior to installing a new Dynalene heat transfer fluid. DynaFlush cleanses interior piping, pump cavities, valves, fittings, flanges, manifolds, and process equipment by dissolving contaminants and neutralizing potentially corrosive ions left behind after system construction or prolonged use.

DynaFlush is offered in two different mixtures: DynaFlush LD is a flushing fluid diluted with deionized water to meet the necessary cleaning specifications; DynaFlush Max is a 40x flushing fluid concentrate that can be added to deionized/distilled water or soft tap water at your site application. DynaFlush is safe to use, non-flammable, odorless, and non-foaming.

*Compatible with carbon steel, stainless steels, copper, brass, and other metal alloys. For systems using aluminum, contact a Dynalene representative.

DynaFlush LD

Original flushing formulation and ready to use. Simply install in your system and circulate. DynaFlush LD is prepared using Dynalene’s proprietary cleaning ingredients and diluted with distilled water to the necessary specifications. See the DynaFlush LD technical data sheet for the cleaning procedure.

DynaFlush Max

40x flushing fluid concentrate that uses the same cleaning ingredients as DynaFlush LD. DynaFlush Max can be diluted using your application site’s distilled water or soft tap water source. Add water to your system, add the DynaFlush Max concentrate, and circulate to mix. When choosing DynaFlush Max, ensure your water source has a water hardness amount of 100 ppm or lower. See the DynaFlush Max technical data sheet for cleaning procedure and dilution tables.

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