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Heat transfer fluids

Dynalene, Inc. is a US based leading developer and manufacturer of heat transfer fluids, coolants and glycols serving customers all around the world with two manufacturing locations in Pennsylvania and Illinois. The company routinely develops new heat transfer fluid formulations through its strong R&D program. Dynalene’s line of heat transfer fluids include high performing glycol based coolants such as Propylene Glycol, Ethylene Glycol, BioGlycol, Solar Glycol, GeoGlycol, and liquids manufactured involving innovative and proprietary chemistries such as potassium formate, hydrocarbons, silicone and molten salts. Dynalene fluids are offered in 1, 5, 30, 55, and 265 gallon containers as well as 5,000 gallon tankers. Contact us today at 610.262.9686 or email at info@dynalene.com and let us help you determine the best fluid for your application.

Low Temperature Heat Transfer Fluids

Dynalene MV

Ultra low temperature cryogenic heat transfer fluid

(-170°F to 325°F) / (-112°C to 163°C)

Dynalene LO-170

Non-toxic, low odor heat transfer fluid

(-40°F to 400°F) / (-40°C to 205°C)

Glycol Heat Transfer Fluids

Ethylene Glycol

Ethylene glycol series heat transfer fluids

(-60°F to 350°F) / (-51°C to 177°C)

Dynalene BioGlycol

Corn derived glycol heat transfer fluid

(-50°F to 350°F) / (-46°C to 177°C)

High Temperature Heat Transfer Fluids

Dynalene Molten Salts

Molten salt mixtures for thermal storage

(270°F to 1050°F) / (130°C to 565°C)

Dynalene 600

High temperature open bath heat transfer fluid

(150°F to 550°F) / (70°C to 288°C)

Dynalene LO-230

Low odor, non-toxic heat transfer fluid

(32°F to 400°F) / (0°C to 205°C)

Dynalene heat transfer fluids cover a very wide range of usage temperature, from as low as -112°C (-170°F) to as high as 565°C (1050°F). Dynalene’s customers range from Fortune 500 companies building large industrial complexes to small businesses servicing residential HVAC systems. Dynalene also provides laboratory testing services including heat transfer fluids and glycol testing, thermo-physical properties and quality control.

Solar Glycol
Dynalene Solar Glycol XT is specifically designed for your solar thermal and geothermal applications. Learn more
Dynalene BioGlycol (Renewable Glycol) is an inhibited non-toxic corn based glycol heat transfer fluid. Learn more
Ethylene Glycol
Dynalene EG (Ethylene Glycol) is an inhibited ethylene glycol heat transfer fluid. Learn more
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