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Dynalene, Inc. is an industry leader in the manufacturing, R&D, and sales/marketing of heat transfer fluids for different applications around the world. Our line of high performance coolants and knowledgeable staff allow you to choose the right fluid for any application. Selection of the best heat transfer fluid for you application is made easy with the help form our experts and Dynalene’s proven, pre-engineered product line, from the ultra-low temperature cooling applications up to very high temperature heating processes. Contact us today and let us help you determine the best fluid for your application.
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Dynalene fluids are offered in 1, 5, 30, 55, and 265 gallon containers as well as 5,000 gallon tankers.
Low temperature fluids
Dynalene HC
High performance
(-58°F to 425°F)
Dynalene HF-LO
High flash point, low odor
(-100°F to 400°F)
Dynalene MV
Minimum viscosity
(-170°F to 325°F)
Dynalene LO-170
Low odor, low temp fluid
(-40°F to 400°F)
Dynalene glycols
Propylene Glycol
Inhibited propylene glycol
(-50°F to 350°F)
Ethylene Glycol
Inhibited ethylene glycol
(-60°F to 350°F)
Dynalene BioGlycol
Corn derived glycol
(-50°F to 350°F)
Dynalene Solar Glycol-XT
High temp solar thermal fluid
(-17°F to 350°F)
Low Conductivity Fluids
Dynalene FC
Dynalene LC
High temperature fluids
Dynalene Molten Salts
Molten salt mixture
(270°F to 1050°F)
Dynalene 600
High temp open bath fluid
(150°F to 550°F)
Dynalene HT
Synthetic fluid
(68°F to 660°F)
Dynalene MT
Synthetic fluid
(32°F to 617°F)
Dynalene SF
Synthetic fluid
(32°F to 600°F)
Dynalene LO-230
Low odor, high flash point
(32°F to 400°F)
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Solar Glycol
Dynalene Solar Glycol XT is specifically designed for your solar thermal and geothermal applications. Learn more
Dynalene BioGlycol (Renewable Glycol) is an inhibited non-toxic corn based glycol heat transfer fluid. Learn more
Ethylene Glycol
Dynalene EG (Ethylene Glycol) is an inhibited ethylene glycol heat transfer fluid. Learn more