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Heat Transfer Fluids
Dynalene develops, manufactures and distributes industrial heat transfer fluids and coolants such as glycols, which include propylene glycol, ethylene glycol, BioGlycol, solar glycol, Geoglycol as well as other fluids including potassium formate, calcium chloride, hydrocarbon and silicone chemistries. Dynalene specializes in high performance industrial coolants and low temperature heat transfer fluids such as our Dynalene HC series, MV and HF-LO. Our heat transfer fluids can operate down to -170°F/-112°C with Dynalene MV for ultra-low temperature cryogenic applications and up to 1050°F/565°C with the molten salt products for high temperature thermal storage. Selection of the best heat transfer fluid for your application is made easy with the help from our experts and Dynalene’s proven and efficient heat transfer fluid product line.
Laboratory Services
Dynalene Laboratory Services offers a wide range of analytical testing designed to meet our client’s needs. Our laboratory capabilities encompass three main categories: Thermal/Physical, Chemical and Materials and Corrosion testing. Dynalene has a wide array of instrumentation and years of experience analyzing materials from a broad range of industries. Increase your productivity and save time and money by consulting with our experts to address your unique analytical needs. Whether you need simple sample ID, routine QC, detailed product characterization, method development, or material compatibility and corrosion studies, our personnel can customize services to fit your unique testing requirements.
Fluid cleaning and testing equipment
Dynalene offers comprehensive fitration, ion exchange and desiccation solution that is compatible with all of our fluids. Our product line includes standard and custom design equipment that can be tailored to your needs. Additionally, we also offer basic accessories such as refractometer, hydrometer, pH meter and pH paper that can be used to measure fluid properties of propylene glycol, ethylene glycol and other Dynalene heat transfer fluids. These accessories are made available to our customers to help them constantly monitor the health of our heat transfer fluid in their system.
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Dynalene launches New desiccation system product line
Dynalene launchesFluidry® product line that consists of moisture removal (or desiccation) systems which helps in...Read more >>
Governor’s Impact Awards 2014
Dynalene has been nominated for the Governor’s Impact Award in the category of Entrepreneur Impact Award for the year 2014.Read more >>
PITA projects at Dynalene Inc.
Dynalene has two ongoing PITA(Pennsylvania Infrastructure Technology Alliance) projects with Lehigh University.Read more >>
Dynalene opens a new location in Elk Grove Village, IL
Dynalene Inc. is proud to announce the opening our second heat transfer fluid production facility in Elk Grove Village, IL, putting Dynalene product closer to our mid-west customers. We will offer a full line of glycol products that can operate in a temperature range of -60°F to 350°F which includes propylene glycol, ethylene glycol, bioglycol and solar glycol. Read more >>
Dynalene and Sea World??
Yes it’s true!! Dynalene is proud to report the penguin’s new home at SeaWorld will be opening in May 2013.Read more >>
Selecting a Glycol for Solar Thermal Applications
Efficiency and stability are key characteristics for solar water process heating applications.Read more >>
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