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Fluid property calculation
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Heat Transfer Fluids
Dynalene Glycol Products
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Dynalene Molten Salts
Dynalene 600
  > Dynalene 600 Store
Dynalene HT
  > Dynalene HT Store
Dynalene LO-230
  > Dynalene LO-230 Store
Dynalene MT
Dynalene SF
  > Dynalene SF Store
Dynalene Bioglycol
  > Dynalene BioGlycol Store
Dynalene TEG
Ethylene Glycol Series
  > Dynalene EG Store
  > Dynalene EG-V2 Store
  > Dynalene EG-XT Store
  > Dynalene Raw EG Store
Flushing Fluid Series
  > DynaFlush LD Store
  > DynaFlush Max Store
Propylene Glycol Series
  > Dynalene PG Store
  > Dynalene PG-FG Store
  > Dynalene PG-V2 Store
  > Dynalene PG-XT Store
  > Raw propylene glycol Store
Dynalene Solar Glycol-XT
  > Dynalene Solar Glycol XT Store
Calcium Chloride
Dynalene HC
  > Dynalene HC Store
  > Dynalene HC-FG
Polyethylene glycol heat transfer fluids
Dynalene HF-LO
  > Dynalene HF-LO Store
Dynalene LO-170
  > Dynalene LO-170 Store
Dynalene MV
  > Dynalene MV Store
Dynalene FC
Dynalene LC Series
High temperature fluids
Dynalene glycols
Low temperature fluids
Open Bath Fluids
Fluid selection guide
Laboratory capabilities
Laboratory Services
Autoignition Temperature Analysis
Thermal Conductivity / R-Value
Specific Heat
Phase Transitions – Freezing / Melting / Boiling Point, Glass Transition Temperature
Heat Transfer Coefficient
Viscosity and Rheology Testing
Solid Fat Content
Flash Point Testing and Analysis
Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS)
HPLC Analysis
UV-Vis analysis / Ultra Violet – Visible Absorption Spectroscopy
FTIR analysis
Quality Control
Heat Transfer Fluid Testing
Corrosion Testing
SEM and EDS Analysis
ASTM Testing
Contract Research/Product Development
Electrochemical Testing
Particle Size Analysis
SDS Writing & Testing
Fluid cleaning and testing equipment
Ion Exchange
  > Ion Exchange for Low Conductivity Applications
    • Ion Exchange Cartridge for Low Conductivity Store
  > Water Deionization
    • Fluid Cleaning and Testing Equipment
    • Water Deionization Store
Moisture removal / Desiccation system
Testing equipment
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